Pizza Lovers

Company Vision:

Become your preferred neighborhood casual dining.

Company Mission:

We will annually increase the number of units by exceeding in our products quality, crafting authentic “localization” pizzas while our guests feel at home.

Key to success:

Authentic Italian Cuisine Fresh ingredients
Approachable and informal service


Weston, Florida. USA.

Business Model:

Toti Granata oversee the restaurant operation. He makes sure the quality of the product and services are consistent. He also keeps the restaurant relevant and tied to its culinary Italian tradition but also maintaining it locally relevant to the different neighborhoods.

Wessex Investments LLC manages financially the business and the growth of the company.

Our Food offering:

Our food will be an authentic Italian and Sicilian cucina. We will use fresh ingredients on a casual ambiance bringing a friendly service on a local environment.

Target Customer:

Local neighborhood customers.

Price point:

Low to medium range. It is focused on volume.

Company Summary:

The company was born with the name of Pizza Lovers, created by Toti Granata, his founder and expanding in South Florida. His successful business model is being expanded in South Florida by adding the corporate expertise process-oriented approach, multidisciplinary professionalism and funding from Wessex Investments LLC.

Wessex Investments LLC is an industry leading investment and asset management company with ability to identify compelling investment opportunities. His financial professionals focus on maximizing profitability upon their deep history and proven outperformance in the field.

Company Ownership:

Pizza Lovers Licensing LLC ownership is composed by Salvatore Granata founder of Pizza Lovers in Weston, Florida and Wessex Investments LLC, bringing a great expertise, professionalism, marketing to make this company grow in the United States of America.

Toti Granata is an Italian entertainer, who has brought his family culinary experience and tradition to reality, first in in Spain and then he moved to the United Stated, founding his first restaurant in the US. Toti, through the years, has also incorporated other techniques and knowledge through specializations done in Venice. His last years he has training with Graziano Bertuzzo, the multiple and actual worldwide pizza champion.

Wessex Investments LLC is a company own and led by several professional with more than 30 years of experience in several industries, who have operated different companies and make them profitable. It is a company that is service driven where it is all about people, services provided and its returns. The vast experience provide a holistic approach to optimizing business assets using brands or developing unique brands that consistently resulted in superior returns for its clients.

Wessex Investments LLC feel that in order to maximize the owners' investment value, they need to invest in their associates..